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Serving Ones Information

Service Assignments and Arrival Time

Saturday - Regions serving are North Orange County, South Bay, and Los Angeles County

Arrival time for serving ones: 2:30 PM. Serving saints will serve during both conference sessions on Saturday.                    


Lord's Day - Regions serving are South Orange County, ESGV, WSGV, San Diego County, Inland Empire & Las Vegas

Arrival time for serving ones: 8:30 AM

Service Location

Church in Anaheim - District 1 

1853 W. Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA 92804

Contact Information by Service:

General and Core Serving Saints

For questions related to general children's service on Saturday, please contact Michael Quinones (714-757-8951).

For service on Lord's Day morning, please contact Francesco Prano (352-214-1282).



This service involves signing children in at the beginning of each scheduled meeting; Volunteers should plan to serve both meetings on each day. For more information please contact  Ryan Pester 857-928-7260.


This service involves overseeing the drop off process, arranging chairs, serving snack and breakdown. Saints with Children's Service experience is helpful. For information please contact Andy Kusumo 949-769-0495.

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