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A letter to the saints that will be serving with the children during the
Southern California Spanish-speaking Conference

Dear children’s serving ones,

We praise the Lord for giving us this opportunity to serve together! We want to use this time to cooperate with the Lord to raise the next generation for the church life. For this, we want to be those sharing the same vision, to be in one accord, to be of the same heart so that the children see in us a pattern of someone that lives the divine life expressed in the human life.

The children's service will be held on the weekend of January 17-19, 2020, at 1916 W Ball Road, Anaheim, California. The following is the arrival time for the serving ones:

● Session 1 (Friday Night): 6:30pm

● Session 2 (Saturday Afternoon): 2:30pm
● Session 3 (Saturday Evening): 6:00pm
● Session 4 (Lord’s Day Morning): 8:30am

Here are a few matters that we want to keep in mind as we serve the children:

  1. Be on time and with an exercised spirit.

  2. If you are unable to come, please let us know that you are not coming and who will be your replacement. (You may contact brother Michael Quiñones at 714-757-8951 or sister Lety Valdez al 714-272-0955.)

  3. For the sake of the new ones and to model to our children, please dress properly.

  4. Please, refer to the children by their name. Don’t call them brother or sister as they have not yet been regenerated. Don’t introduce yourself as “I am brother…” It is better to tell them you are “Mr.”, “Mrs.” or “Miss” to promote respect towards the adults.

  5. Never go to the bathroom with just one child. If you need to take a child to the bathroom, always take with you more than one child. Please notify the other serving ones that you will take some children to the bathroom.

  6. We are serving in coordination. Do not change the schedule or the activities. Always have fellowship with those serving with you. Let’s not be offended when others try to correct you.

  7. Although we promote blending with the saints, we ask you not to engage in long conversations with the serving ones. Remember that your function is to serve the children.

  8. Be willing to serve in the area that is needed and not in the one you like.

  9. Speak to the children in love. If a child needs a strong word and you don’t have the grace to give such a word, please refer to the serving ones in charge in your group.


This year, those volunteering to serve with the children during the Spanish-speaking Conference need to submit their information for a background check. To submit your information, please go to Then, under "Current Ministry Opportunities" click on "LSM Conferences & Trainings". Click on "Children's Serving One - Spanish Speaking Conference" and click "Proceed". Select the desired language and accept the terms by clicking "Yes". Finally, enter the required information and complete the form.

In Christ,
The Children’s Serving Ones


General Subject: God’s Chosen People for His Personal Treasure (PDF)

Children's Meetings Schedule
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